Krishna showing Yasoda the universe in his mouth.

Hello friends and readers. It is HOT here, how about you? A steamy 111 degrees. Thanks for air conditioning. Other than being hot it has been a very informative day. Do you have those days where the information just pours in? Because I am on vacation from school I have the luxury of time. Today it has been largely associated with Quantum thought and theory etc. . .


The concept is derived from the Sanskrit root, prama (प्रमा) which means “correct notion, true knowledge, basis, foundation, accurate notion”. Thus, the concept Pramana implies that which is a “means of acquiring prama or certain, correct, true knowledge” (Wiki).

First up a cool documentary, “We are living in a simulation” very scientific, yet entertaining.

Next quantum food for thought an article, “How does quantum physics work, you may ask, what is…

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Message from Matthew 6-28-17… “Karma, reunions; cells, DNA; communication with cells; lightworkers with different DNA, capabilities; mind control, programming; Russia, President Putin; US President Trump; directing energy”

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New Matthew message. Some fascinating points in this one, and I was particularly interested in the one that addresses what might be called, “5G fear porn”. Bottom line, let go of the fear!

“…at times you wonder if violence and suffering ever will end. Yes, dear family, it will. Earth’s karmic merry-go-round is slowing down. When physical lifetime ends for individuals who cause pain and traumatic circumstances for others outside of soul contracts, they will go to the spirit world of a deep third density civilization, then embody in that population and enter their karmic cycle.

“We welcome your questions about bodies’ cells and DNA—what your cells do profoundly affect your life, so this interest is indeed well placed. “If we ‘just radiate our light’ in doing good things, our DNA will be changed…is that true?” Yes, that is true, but in order to radiate light, persons first must absorb…

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Astrology Of July 2017 – Get Ready For The Unexpected

Astro Butterfly

July is a very important month which will prepare us for the Great Total Solar Eclipse of the Sun on August 21st. The total eclipse of the Sun takes place at 28° Leo and this degree is heavily triggered in July by several transits. We have indeed a lot of action at the 28° degree of the zodiac: Chiron turns retrograde at 28° Pisces, Uranus at 28° Aries makes a record number of aspects to Mercury (a square and a trine), a square to Mars and a square to the Sun.

Because so many planets are in Cancer and Leo, we also have an excess of Fire and Water modality in July. This combination can make us lose our cool; and because Uranus is heavily aspected – you can “expect” unexpected turns of events, unanticipated decisions and great insights.

But let’s have a look at the most important…

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I just find this interesting. I have not decided how I feel about it yet? However I am rebloging it so I can find it. It is under consideration.

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Alexandra Meador

To Those Who ARE ASCENDING WITH THEIR PHYSICAL STRUCTURE: Message From Prime Creator, May 25, 2017



Here is some of the information for a part of the last phase of ascension we are now experiencing. The time has come for those of you who are ascending with the physical shell to consciously make a new choice. This choice is not for all, nor did all make this choice. All must understand that all will ascend and go where they are supposed to be.

This message is specifically presented to those ascending with a physical shell. I suggest you state these out loud. Remember, you must consciously choose the following:

  • I AM accepting and receiving all the planetary work done on my behalf, for all of my aspects, for all of my lineage, and all of my creations before quantum entanglement.
  • I AM surrendering…

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Venus Turns Direct – The Sleeping Beauty Awakens

Astro Butterfly

Venus turns direct on April 15th, after 6 weeks of retrograde motion. For the first time in 40 days, she begins moving in forward motion at the 26th degree of the Zodiac in Pisces.

After spending “40 days in the desert” in introspection, Venus has seen in all – and has finally decided to “move on” and catch on speed.

Venus direct

The station direct of Venus marks a phase of manifesting a new feminine intention and identity. Irrespective of gender, the YIN part of your psyche will experience an awakening.

If in the inception phase, the seed has been planted at the time Venus met the Sun in the sky, this time, when Venus turns direct, the seed is blooming into a beautiful flower, just like Venus grows brighter and brighter in the morning sky.

From now until Venus reaches her greatest morning elongation, you will feel at ease with your Feminine Self…

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Stop the news. I want to get off

Well said. Good writing.

Calling Through The Fog


When things are grim, I think of a letter I once read. It was written by an old, sad man to his favourite nephew.

I forget the nephew’s name but the man’s name was Michelangelo and the note, translated from Italian, was dated some time in the early 1560s.

A life of immense physical effort and psychic torment was taking its toll on the greatest sculptor of the Renaissance. His tone was deeply gloomy, and through a catalogue of small setbacks a picture emerged of someone who felt that everything was gradually, depressingly, going to hell. The price of marble was rising. The deadlines were impossible. The patrons were Philistines who couldn’t tell a Pietà from a pizza.

And then he wrote something that I always come back to when life seems particularly difficult. Ah, nephew (he seemed to sigh): these are not good times to be an artist.


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