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Just Be

There is nothing to become. You are already that, it is already the case. Stop running after shadows. Sit silently and be. Sitting silently, doing nothing, the spring comes and the grass grows by itself. ~ Osho Another blogger posted … Continue reading

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Enlightenment Or Sleep

  I speak to myself. Why so often do I choose sleep in these moment by moment decisions? How many choices in a mere hour do I choose the activities of sleep over those of wakeful remembrance. How often do I … Continue reading

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My favorite post this week.     My Tee Shirt Store

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The Unicorn

Hmmm. I write about the unicorn from my post yesterday. I was highly amused when I looked at Google Images for unicorn pictures. You want to get happy just do the same. This is interesting in the Wikipedia definition. The unicorn is … Continue reading

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In a meditation to connect and bring in my Higher Self I had a vision and or communication (take it for what it’s worth.) I saw a bright white light, and I am thinking where’s the blue, I always connect … Continue reading

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Source Connection Yesterday this world peace chant just saved me. I was so stressed and full of anxiety and this just melted it away. I like the website it comes from a guy into Ho’oponopono/Kabbalah there is sitars used and gongs. … Continue reading

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World Peace Love Breath


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