I am just messing around on the computer trying to plug in a widget that is java script, of a daily Rune Stone, when I discover you cannot use java script on Word Press. I decided to do a tarot reading.

One reading of the Eight of Pentacles can mean a passionate student. 🙂 That is me really excited about my Web Design class. We are going to study Adobe Dreamweaver. I have seen a lot of the tutorials already prior to beginning the Word Press blogging experience. I a really am excited about school. At the end of the Dreamweaver class we take some kind of certification test? I don’t know what that means but…sounds cool.


About bluebutterfliesandme

Sindy was ordained as a minister at The Church of Inner Light in Los Angeles, California in 1992. She is educated in a wide array of spiritual disciplines and alternative healing modalities, certified Medical Qi Gong Practitioner at the Healing Qi Institute in Los Angeles California. The Reverend Simms also studied shamanistic healing; Kabbalah, revolutionary psychology of Gnosis, Zen meditation as well as other esoteric studies. I have broad interest, so please check out my other blogs. Much love, Sindy
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6 Responses to Eight

  1. hey blue. congrats on school. glad you’re taking the classes and esp. the web design class. i was thinking about taking some courses doing that too. please keep us updated on how the classes go.. good luck with everything.

  2. also.. love the tarot pic. would be cool to get a reading from you. 🙂

  3. I think you’ll like Dreamweaver – it’s a WYSIWYG (“wizzy-wig”) application – What You See Is What You Get – in other words, you tell it where you want the graphics, which font to use, etc and the program does the rest. You’ll see your page exactly as it will appear online.

    Dreamweaver is the industry standard but I hope they still teach you HTML. Trust me, there’s nothing quite like being able to hand code and create pages on the fly with Notepad! 🙂

  4. I know I was hoping to learn html but the syllabus is all Dreamweaver, I have seen the videos on Dreamweaver and it looks pretty simple.

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