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7/7/2013  Energy Update

After observing and living many months into 2012, I have come to the realization that this time we are in is so much bigger than we can realize in this moment. In the future, this time will be a historical marker that we will always refer to. We will think in terms of . . . “Before 2012” and “After 2012”; much like we think of life on Earth as BC and AD; before Christ and after Christ. Only now, this reference will be evolved to include humanity and not just a singular entity. We will think in terms of . . . before the Unified ONE (a.k.a. duality) and after the Unified ONE (Christ Collective Consciousness). The Star Elders wanted you to know the magnitude of this fact.
In fact, just as the Maya have predicted, 2013, by its very powerful effect it has had on humanity, is proving to be the year Mayan year ZERO. No matter how unplugged we may still feel, how tired we are of being tired, and how often we scream for just a bit of passion or inspiration, this IS the void between worlds that the Star Elders have spoken about for many years.
Life feels like we are living on auto pilot, and yet, we are preparing for something that we do not understand. It is like driving a bus with blinders on. Last night I had such a dream. I was on a huge, public bus with no windows, and the bus driver was driving very fast without a windshield to see through. It felt out of control, scary and yet strangely okay. This is why life feels full on for no reason at all, and at the same time why we feel completely stalled.
But rest assured, a new world is being made ready for us. The part of us that feels just plain fuzzed out and GONE is in fact already in the next world helping with the construction . . . along with a huge army of heavenly, light family. Our wildest dreams, visions and beyond, are currently being manifested there. The Star Elders wanted you to know the magnitude of this fact as well. No wonder we are so tired. We are working so hard, while on the outside we appear to be doing nearly nothing at all.
What is ahead now is beyond our comprehension in this moment of time. I am being told that this new world will be much more superior than we can imagine right now. This is so, because the new world has fewer restrictions on creativity and manifestation and life itself. I hope you got that one, because it is BIG as well. We really don’t know what we are getting ourselves into right now. We are going to be greatly surprised. This is something the Star Elders have also shared for many years.
But for now, the only action that seems to work is placing one foot in front of another, and to continue to breathe in and out. Everything beyond this action will only partially work, just for now. But it is important to continue to move as we travel though this void together. This is also a good time to give yourself a breather, relax and not take things to personally. We all know that the only constant in this universe is change, and we will exit the other side of this void in time. It is so important to BE where we are and not push the current too hard . . . even though we might want to.
We got off to a bumpy start in 2013. The Star Elders have shared for many years that navigating un-known territory can have expected bumps in a passageway during a shift of an age. But this is beginning to change with a few minor course corrections, and now the momentum has been redirected and uplifted. We will start to begin to feel lighter soon. Patience is a virtue for a reason, and has become our biggest test these days. If you haven’t learned patience by now, you will. Remember to keep your goals enveloped in faith and trust as we travel through this temporary void.
Blessings to all, and I have to say that I am looking forward to seeing you all in this new world. Dream big and our light family will help us manifest even bigger 🙂 Aluna Joy
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You are where you are.
Let’s start with that. It’s true, after all, and denying it, fighting against it, pretending otherwise amounts to nothing more than a waste of these precious few moments of life we are gifted with.
You are where you are.
And it is a lovely place to begin . . . Even if it is painful, even if it is not where you saw yourself 10 years, or 10 months or 10 days ago. It is lovely, because it is what you have, and what you have is so much more than so many others are gifted with, and more than you often give yourself credit for.
Imagine yourself on a map. Are you limited as to which direction you can go? Certainly there are circumstances of terrain that may provide greater ease or challenge, but the vital truth is and will always remain that any direction is available to you.
Even if it’s a direction you’ve never gone before, even if it contains unknowable obstacles,,, the power of choice rests or rises with you.
You are where you are.
And you, as the traveler, now have the privilege of deciding where to go from here. Just as, where you have been in no way dictates where you must go, it is equally true that your past cannot decide your future.
Yes, it can be scary to leave the paths you have worn, over so many years of dusty repetition, but when the roads you know don’t take you to where you know, in your heart, you must be, it is time to quit lamenting the fact and blaze off bravely in the direction of the undiscovered.
What a miracle that you have feet! What a miracle that they will take you in absolutely any direction that you tell them to go! You are blessed with a vehicle far more marvelous and sophisticated than anything the human mind has yet to or ever will conceive.
It is one thing to sit upon the sidelines of life and bemoan your fate, and it is another entirely to shake yourself free of mentally-cobwebbed ideas and start moving.
Move until your amble becomes a walk, until your walk becomes a jog, until your jog becomes a run, until your feet find their gravity-escaping rhythm and you take flight.
Are you facing a fire? It is when you are stuck – motionless – that flames burn the worst, remember when, as a child, you moved your finger through the candle flame fast enough, it had no power to touch you.
Remember the joy of that, the triumph in it, my friends, and move.
Move until the air before you becomes a cool wind on your face, until the scenery rushes past in a celebration of your speed.
Move until you find yourself in the clearing you are looking for. I promise you, it exists on the other side of whatever lies between you and that place of rest.
When caught in the frustrating mazes of life, we are often closer to freedom than we realize. A view from above adds the clear perspective we are blind to when we think only on ground levels.
When you cannot go left, and you are blocked from going right, when the way in front of you is too tangled, and you know you must leave what is behind,
go up, my friends, go up.
You will find there the far-view, drink in the picturesque scenery of hope that every weary traveler at some point needs.
You are where you are.
Perhaps because you are learning things now that are seeds for blessings in days to come, for plantings you have not yet imagined.
You are where you are.
Perhaps because you are accumulating experience that will someday be the common ground on which you meet the love of your life, your greatest friend, or your self.
You are where you are.
Because the sometimes difficult, but ground-shaking truth is,,,
you are choosing to be.
We can’t always control where the winds of this life blow us, how far they might veer us from the flight-paths we’d projected,,,
but until the moment our last spark of life passes from this vehicle of our body and moves into the next,,, it remains our choice to rise up from wherever we are, no matter the obstacles, no matter the challenges, no matter the odds, and to move, one precious step at a time,
footprint by footprint, handhold by handhold, until at last we find our home.
I love you so much, my beautiful friends, I pray every day that the wings you’ve been keeping secret will one day be loosed.
Until that day…
Aluna Joy Yaxk’in and the Star Elders
Copyright © 2013

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