The Trecena of Energy and Evolution



The Current Trecena – July 14th to 26th1 Chicchan / Kan — The Trecena of Energy and Evolution

Associated with the mystical Feathered Serpent, Kukulkan or Quetzalcoatl as the Aztecs called this deity, Chicchan, or Kan in K’iche’ Maya, is one of the most powerful daysigns in the Tzolk’in. The Regent of the Sky and the Ruler of Time, Chicchan symbolizes the transformation of time, transcendence, and individual evolution, and represents those predestined for spiritual vocations. Yet it is also the lord of all material things, and represents work, autonomy, precaution, power, law, and justice. As the nagual of education and training, it signifies the power that learning imparts to individuals and communities. Chicchan is also the nagual of the creation of new human life, symbolizes peace, and embodies a powerful connection with the inner fire, called koyopa among the Maya and kundalini in Eastern traditions.

Chicchan, the Serpent, embodies deep, instinctive wisdom and intelligence, but also profound, powerful emotion and energy that can cause great upheaval and change. We could say that could be good or bad. But we would presume too much: what for some is change that is unwelcome, for others it is heaven-sent.

We of the human species tend to place value-relevant labels on events, people and situations; and in the realm of the sacred, things are never black and white. Things simply are. There is no judgment, no value placement, no assessment. The ideal is balance and one-ness, rather than quantity and volume (as in wealth, power, fame). That is where the sacred lies, and that is the challenge of the Serpent. Be open to lifelong learning, lifelong discovery, and lifelong impact.

Remember, also, that with great power comes great responsibility. The more you know, the more you command, and thus the greater your responsibility to wear that power well and wisely. The greater your power, the more critical the need to live balanced and calm, so that those you impact may follow a steady path.

Excerpt from The Serpent and the Jaguar: Living in Sacred Time by Birgitte Rasine.


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    The energy of the Chicchan, or Quetzalcoatl, is with us… Chicchan symbolizes the transformation of time, transcendence, and individual evolution… Read on for more about these powerfully magnificent days ahead…

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