Miracle Stepping Stones


(This is long but worth the read.)

—Melchizedek, July 14th 2013. Channeled by Julie Miller——☼
—-Mistakes and Failures are Miracle Stepping Stones to Success—-

Sometimes dear ones, certain factors get in your way that creates heavy challenges that are really inevitable. It could be as easy as your normal daily routine becomes a disorganized or you forget to follow the diet your doctor has instructed for you, or someone has said or done something mean to you. You might have moments where you feel like quitting whatever it is you are doing or to scream or cry. Negative energy finds its way from the simplest of ways, and most time unknowingly. Life as you know dear ones can have some pretty unexpected turns that create discouragement, frustration, anger, powerlessness, and so forth. What normally happens when a dear soul enters this negative mind set, a mood settles over them where they really feel they do not care anymore and they find themselves in a mental and emotional slump.

There are easy ways to improve your thinking and increase the level of happiness in all facets of your life. Remember dear ones, negative thinking is in your head and you can change those negative thoughts. Your mind creates all sorts of images that increase the idea of failure when in fact you haven’t failed at all. In all corners of your current life stream you have infinite opportunities to learn and grow, when the feeling of failure enters your thoughts, look at this dear ones as an opportunity to try again instead of quitting. Make failure not an option.

If you take the time to think back on the many difficult challenges you had to face and remove the emotional and mental aspect that often creates negative feelings and pressure you will find what was so difficult was simply an opportunity to grow and develop your character even more. Once you realize the simplicity of all difficult situations that have crossed your path, you find yourself feeling liberated and very powerful and the power comes from your ability to change all circumstances. You can remain feeling trapped in the pain that the situation brought or you can choose to let go of the heavy emotions and feelings and free yourself.

We do understand dear ones that changing your thinking patterns is a difficult journey, but anything you ever really wanted all came from you applying full effort of your heart and soul. When you take conscious steps to change your mind you are also making steps to change your whole life and this great change will affect those closest to you and all people on a global scale through the new uplifting energy you will be emitting. We remind you that the energy you emit regardless if it is jealous energy, loving energy, frustrated energy, etc., is all felt by others that are not necessarily next to you. You are responsible for the energy you emit. And even though we stated changing your mind is a difficult process, it is not impossible to achieve as long as you are willing to follow through with your intentions and both your heart and mind are open.

There are many struggles that you face daily. Some of these struggles could be in meditation, diet, exercise, quitting a habit like smoking, etc. There are days when you do better than others, on days that you don’t feel like following a specific routine can create a stretch in inactivity and this kind of feeling can last longer than a day or two and before you know it you are off the path that was helping you to improve yourself. We see this occur often and what can settle is in is discouragement to get back on that path that was beneficial to your overall health. You can counter this change in your thought patterns to thinking more positively. Look at the time you had away from the path of self-improvement as stepping stones to your success. Each time you come across a day when you just don’t feel like following through, remind yourself each day you put forth your energy and you persevere you are bringing yourself one step closer to success instead of further behind. You always had the power to make choices to bring positive results into your life that will increase your happiness; there is never a wrong time to reassert that power for the betterment of your health that will increase a positive love-filled energy flow.

What we observe is so many dear souls are aiming at perfection instead of trying to bring better into their lives. The aim for perfection is singular and is filled with stress and pressure. It is important to accept the fact that you are already perfect as you are and accept any flaws as your opportunity to improve yourself. Patience and tolerance will always be required during any process that brings in improvement of Self. We know you will continue to grow and develop and you will in your own time. Congratulate yourself for what you have achieved so far. You have come a long way and you know there is more for you to see and learn. Embrace the unknown dear ones with gratitude and with love and when those difficult challenges come give thanks for them knowing in your heart you will learn valuable information that will increase knowledge that will lead to greater wisdom. Look forward to learning instead of seeing each new challenge as something dreadful and disheartening. By changing your thought patterns, you change the outcome and the effects of the challenge are less felt by your whole body. It is understood that worry often enters one’s mind during hard trials, but worry also creates deeper shadows to the situation that is before you. Worry can create large looming shadows over a problem that is really quite small. Rid yourself of unnecessary worry and see the situation for what it is, not what it isn’t.

When things don’t go your way and life feels heavy and discouraging remember these thoughts are formed in your mind. All negative thoughts can be countered by loving, positive thoughts. The power of positive thinking has been used to bring success into many difficult challenges. When you feel you wish to give up a specific task realize this is negative thinking and you can dissolve this quite easily. Replace all negative thoughts with positive ones. Remind yourself you can complete the task that is in front of you and that you can and will succeed. Allow Hope to be part of the process that will lead you to your eventual success and achievement.

See any concept of failing as opportunities for success. When something didn’t go as planned, look honestly and truthfully at the steps that were taken. Many times what is discovered is a deviation even slightly that took you off the path that would have brought success. It is there that you also discover what you need to apply to bring your efforts into success bringing fulfillment and happiness into the conclusion. Nothing is ever impossible when you apply all your heart and soul into every step.

Patience is one of the hardest attributes to master but it is one that is worthy to practice. It is too easy to allow yourself to freely express frustration and anger when difficulties arise. Find a way to vent that is not harmful to another person that will eventually bring clarity requires more concentrated effort. Then tackle the difficulty consciously practicing patience. Every difficult situation you are faced is your opportunity to practice patience and to improve this necessary attribute.

Within all situations, the good and the bad are incredible learning experiences providing you with the opportunity to become more ONE with your true self. You are able to see the impact you make upon others when you choose to express yourself with either negative or positive words or actions. You also are given the opportunity to learn why or how a difficult situation was created and what you can do to make it better. Learning is wonderful. Learn to see all mistakes as blessings that bring you to knowing more of your Self on a personal basis.

Overcoming difficult challenges that have brought in negative energy will make your overall character stronger and more resilient. Some challenges you face will be felt more exhausting than others. Give yourself healing time and practice self-love and compassion. Going through any problem doesn’t have to feared or dreaded when you allow yourself to see the potential of your becoming when all is over. Embrace the situation for what it is, know in your heart you will be growing stronger and wiser. The knowledge gained will help you work through future problems more effectively and efficiently. The power of positive thinking in all situations is your key to a successful outcome.

See all challenges as tests that are presented to you to experience for the purpose of achieving a higher level of understanding that will motivate and inspire you to focus more and apply more effort. Instead of thinking negative regarding the current situation, see it is a chance to bring positive change to not only your mind but to your whole beautiful being. Ground yourself and continue to move forward one-step-at-a-time.

When hurtful words and actions are being done to you, this kind of experience doesn’t require you to respond the same way. Even during such situations you have the choice to not be drawn in to another person’s negative banter and actions. We know taking the higher road is not always easy when someone is in front of you or through written comments being judgmental and criticizing you. But by displaying love and compassion and turning away from being negative in return alleviates the harshness of the situation and allows the healing rays of God’s unwavering Light to filer in and Love you. When people do things that are considered wrong, see this also as a learning opportunity. Thank them for the experience because through their ill choice words or actions you truly can the goodness in yourself. You are able to see clearly who you are not and forgive them for their ways knowing they too are on a journey and the interaction provides growth and development to both of you.

To all the people that have done you wrong, find a place in your heart where you can love them. Forgiveness will bring you to this place and when you are able to love the people that have brought you hardship you relieve yourself from any lingering doubt, guilt or any other negative feeling and emotion that is created through difficult situations and interactions. Learn to drop your animosity and come from the loving place in your heart. Rejoice in the liberation you are giving to your whole self. Don’t look for new ways to bring in more negative thinking, look instead for new ways to bring in more positive thinking even during the most trying of situations. Become the optimist instead of the pessimist.

And so it is…

I AM Melchizedek




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