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Balancing Act: Kan 5, Day 44

Originally posted on Mayan Messages:
BALANCING ACT  “Greetings, dear ones. It is easy to rush day after day, doing this and doing that. Before long, years have passed and many things that were of utmost importance to you were never…

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It’s All YOUR Fault!

Originally posted on The Creator Writings:
When you hear yourself saying, “It’s all YOUR fault” or “It’s not MY fault”…..stop……rewind and take a second look at the situation. With the firm knowledge that you create your entire Earth-plane existence, go…

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The Pleiadians about new resonance fields of interaction and teleportation ~ By Méline Lafont

As I wrote about on bluebutterfliesandme :

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From our vantage point your Earth shines out like a jewel in the firmament, and makes it known to all observers that the Light is once again returning. With your input and our assistance it will continue to do so, … Continue reading

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