Balancing Act: Kan 5, Day 44

Mayan Messages

BALANCING ACT  “Greetings, dear ones. It is easy to rush day after day, doing this and doing that. Before long, years have passed and many things that were of utmost importance to you were never accomplished. We ask that you consider taking time each and every day to slow down. Take time to go within: meditate, pray, contemplate, breathe.

Begin first thing in the morning before you arise. Feel gratitude for the experience and blessing of being on Earth at this time. Be mindful of all the blessings that you have. Ask for guidance for the things that are happening around you that pull you out of a state of gratitude. Set your intentions for what you choose to create this day.

Now you are ready to arise and begin your day. When possible, follow the lunar and solar cycles. Arise at dawn and gaze at the sun while filling…

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Sindy was ordained as a minister at The Church of Inner Light in Los Angeles, California in 1992. She is educated in a wide array of spiritual disciplines and alternative healing modalities, certified Medical Qi Gong Practitioner at the Healing Qi Institute in Los Angeles California. The Reverend Simms also studied shamanistic healing; Kabbalah, revolutionary psychology of Gnosis, Zen meditation as well as other esoteric studies. I have broad interest, so please check out my other blogs. Much love, Sindy
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