Lessons Learned

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Blazing Light of Glory

A Course in Miracles – Lesson 93
Light and joy and peace abide in me.

If you have read my previous posts, you know that I come from an atheist background and have struggled with the Christian terminology borrowed by The Course. So much so that I have created a system of “translations” into non-Christian terminology to dig as deeply as I can into the lessons.  I have worked past this and encourage others to do the same. Words such as salvation, sin, grievances, Kingdom of Heaven and even the word God, can and unfortunately do turn people off. The quotes I include in this post contain some of these words.

The duality of human nature comes under frequent scrutiny while studying The Course. No matter how good a student you are, the ego lives on. Lately, as I enter into the decision making process, I see in my…

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Sindy was ordained as a minister at The Church of Inner Light in Los Angeles, California in 1992. She is educated in a wide array of spiritual disciplines and alternative healing modalities, certified Medical Qi Gong Practitioner at the Healing Qi Institute in Los Angeles California. The Reverend Simms also studied shamanistic healing; Kabbalah, revolutionary psychology of Gnosis, Zen meditation as well as other esoteric studies. I have broad interest, so please check out my other blogs. Much love, Sindy
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  1. BloomLisa says:

    Thank you for re-blogging! It would seem that you are a busy busy butterfly!!! Light & love – Lisa

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