More On The Bucegi Mountains And The Hall Of Records-Holographic Projections Of Man’s Time Upon The Earth

Saving for later reading. Looks intriguing.

Here Comes The Sun

We have touched on this briefly here. This is absolutely astounding information, so lighten up and be yourself! 🙂 Notice the diagrams, monotomic gold plays a role in the holographs. Cuneiform tablets of Babylon indicate gold was the quest of what American Indians describe as the supernatural beings who arrived from the stars. Every indian tribe without exception will tell you they did not evolve from monkeys, they are the descendants of super natural beings from the stars, and will laugh at Darwin and his circus theories. Gold is described in the Enuma Elish and the Mahabharata as a mineral used in flying ships. In fact the Navajo language is pure Sumerian. Taking this a step further, a hologram of Jesus is said to be contained in the caves of Bucegi. The term Eli Eli Sabakthani is construed to mean my father why have you forsaken me, but in the…

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