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Originally posted on Writing Works in Progress:
Painting~ Scott Rolfe ? The grass and earth is cool beneath her, a shadow passed over her closed eyelids. This mound in the meadow was a favorite spring spot for Lucy to lay…

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Totem Tally

Originally posted on bluebutterfliesandme:
Hello friends! Sorry I have been So busy with school, Algebra Midterms, essays. . . Never ending~ I did want to share some more totem sightings. So yesterday on my way out to my car to…

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Linda’s Universe Cafe

(I accidentally messed up my reblog. That MR still active) Litebeing chronicles So 2 bloggers enter a bar. . . Posted on October 26, 2014by litebeing The past few years could be compared to life on a movie set. I … Continue reading

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Choosing Our Next Lifetime and Being Born Again

Originally posted on Karen Kubicko:
In one past life that I remembered, I chose who and when to be reborn. I actually saw the my conception …. and then my birth. It is weird, but somehow I’m okay with it. This is…

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Pagan Quote by Lord Byron

Originally posted on Maeandra Mae:
Meet my favorite witch. Maeandra Mae View original post

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Scorpi – OH

Originally posted on litebeing chronicles:
Just two more days until the big eclipse where Sun Moon and Venus move into the Underworld. Good times! So I am re-posting my Scorpio post from last year that was very well received. I…

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An Early Holiday Free Gift!

Originally posted on Through the Peacock's Eyes:
I was going to wait until November to do this, but since there are goblins, ogres, the Bugbear, and the Banshee in this story, I thought I’d gift my holiday fairy tale…

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