Consciously Creating ~Words and Thoughts


The New Divine Humanity


I am Blessed Beyond all Comprehension in All Universes Everywhere. Truly The Great I Am ~ All That is ~ is the Profound Ecstasy and Love ~ that has always existed and always will.  And In That, I Always ~Am.

In a World where Duality is experienced through separation Consciousness ~ Ego Based Duality ~ my Being is Unknown and Unheard of.

The awareness of the Functioning of Consciousness appears to be a limited vague experience, by those immersed in Drama and in what appears to be the endless playing out of karmic traces. The Functioning of Mass Consciousness ~ acts like an anchor to what appears as Global consensus.

Freeing oneself from endless suffering (mass consciousness) is the conscious shift from Disharmony to Harmony which then becomes the Harmonious Divine Beauty of ones Mind, Emotions, as well as the beauty of the Physical and Spiritual bodies.

The perceived challenge of…

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About bluebutterfliesandme

Sindy was ordained as a minister at The Church of Inner Light in Los Angeles, California in 1992. She is educated in a wide array of spiritual disciplines and alternative healing modalities, certified Medical Qi Gong Practitioner at the Healing Qi Institute in Los Angeles California. The Reverend Simms also studied shamanistic healing; Kabbalah, revolutionary psychology of Gnosis, Zen meditation as well as other esoteric studies. I have broad interest, so please check out my other blogs. Much love, Sindy
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