Dungeon Prompt: God’s plan

I love Leigh and Dungeon Prompts, now I am almost done with school, I can blog again.

Not Just Sassy on the Inside

Vishengel, Wikimedia

Dungeon Prompts is another challenge in which I’ve meant to participate for ages and I’m so pleased I saw the prompt at a moment when I’m prepared to respond.  Today’s prompt, based on Woody Allen’s quote, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans”:

This week tell us your experience with a plan that you held tightly but was completely annihilated.  This can be a great life path that didn’t open up or it can be a day that just didn’t go your way.  This can be a lifestyle that you’ve either embraced or struggled with, or it can be a funny incident that came and went but you remember as having tested your patience.

Personally I’ve found it hard to decide whether a plan failed because it wasn’t God’s plan or because something in me blocked its unfolding or it wasn’t the right…

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