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Spinning Wheel

We are all children at heart. In our core there lives a pure divine spark of source. This core spark, energy crystal of light is very near the Inner Child. This world of physical vehicles that host these divine sparks are born into polarity, therefore darkness can affect these spark. Neale Donald Walsch, calls it Little Soul, as the story you may know, “Little Soul and the Sun” I blogged it here. So our life plans are laid out much as one would schedule our college courses, all kinds of things that affect the innocent sparks, sometimes called ego. I came in blazing, and a lot of my heavier karmic lessons in this life occurred early. So my Inner Child took some hard blows. However I recall a rather happy childhood anyway. Doing the meditations I linked on my initial post here, has opened up further…

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Sindy was ordained as a minister at The Church of Inner Light in Los Angeles, California in 1992. She is educated in a wide array of spiritual disciplines and alternative healing modalities, certified Medical Qi Gong Practitioner at the Healing Qi Institute in Los Angeles California. The Reverend Simms also studied shamanistic healing; Kabbalah, revolutionary psychology of Gnosis, Zen meditation as well as other esoteric studies. I have broad interest, so please check out my other blogs. Much love, Sindy
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