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  Meet Belshazzar~ That is what he told me his name was. I have had a relationship with a kitty, well cat, that has been visiting my backyard. At first I would chase him away as I feed the birds … Continue reading

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The Trecena of Energy and Evolution

  The Current Trecena – July 14th to 26th1 Chicchan / Kan — The Trecena of Energy and Evolution Associated with the mystical Feathered Serpent, Kukulkan or Quetzalcoatl as the Aztecs called this deity, Chicchan, or Kan in K’iche’ Maya, … Continue reading

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I like many others I know have been anticipating this linear date/time for a long, long time. Depending on what you believe, but since I believe in a life purpose and reincarnation, I will share from that perspective. Yesterday I … Continue reading

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The Deliverance Of Sisupala

King Yudhisthira became very happy after hearing the details of the Jarasandha episode, and he spoke as follows: “My dear Krsna, O eternal form of bliss and knowledge, all the exalted directors of the affairs of this material world, including … Continue reading

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Ode To The Goddesses

This goes out to all my sister’s out there. To all females (inside and out) you are all goddesses. I love in the film  “ A Little Princess” where the character Sara Crewe tells the mean head mistress “My father says all … Continue reading

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Satellite Moon

Ingo Swann is known as the father of remote viewing. In Penetration Swann tells stories of alien moon bases on the Dark Side of the Moon. It is speculative and fantastic but interesting. I don’t know how I feel about remote viewing but … Continue reading

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The Unicorn

Hmmm. I write about the unicorn from my post yesterday. I was highly amused when I looked at Google Images for unicorn pictures. You want to get happy just do the same. This is interesting in the Wikipedia definition. The unicorn is … Continue reading

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