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Gratitude Meditation: Day 175, Men 6

Originally posted on Mayan Messages:
GRATITUDE MEDITATION   Today, if possible, spend time in nature or at least with a houseplant, if you have no yard or access to nature. Spend several moments caressing a plant or sitting with a tree.…

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Who are the Starseed and Indigo Races?

Originally posted on Angel wings and Unicorns:
Essentially these are a group of future soul or monad extensions which incarnated into the 3D human planetary consciousness fields during the end of the planet’s evolution cycle to help end the recycling…

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Concerning Lack of Money – 2

Originally posted on The Seven Minds:
Understanding the concept of “Lack of Money” From Part 1 There are 2 fundamental reasons why a person has “no money” : 2. The “Money Blockage” : Are you suffering from terminal financial…

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~Melchizedek – I stay – A Step by Step Guide on how to connect with YOURSELF

Originally posted on Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – Secrets of the Universe:
What I am being explained is that although these words are channeled through me by Melchizedek, and he is speaking to us directly, he is speaking…

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Fleur de Holler~

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The Basics of Spell Casting

Originally posted on A Witch's Sacred Journey:
I set forth these words as the moon shine Full bright The Crab holds the deep waters of intuition and lens of clear sight That all who read may learn, explore and…

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The Forerunners of Courage

Originally posted on The Paths of the Spirit:
We are the forerunners of courage blossoming above the snow from star-sown fabled ports we rise into a brave undaunted dawn sweet with the breath of our bloom we curl over the…

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